Hi, I'm Brenna!

I'm a kid trapped in a grown-up and I'm NOT pleased about it. I first noticed the problem (inciting incident) when I graduated from college with a BA in psychology. With no interest in a "real job", I moved (ran away) to Northern California.

But the problem just got worse despite my best efforts to escape it by working at summer camps and wilderness therapy programs.

Next, I fled the country to South Korea. I got to hang out with other "kids" like me while I taught English and met my husband, a kindred spirit. But big life decisions and paying bills eventually caught up with us.

So, we moved into our VW Van intending to climb forever, but the trip only lasted a year before adulthood found us again. CURSES!

I found the only way to truly embrace my inner child was to write children’s books where I can be as silly and weird as I want without anyone telling me to “grow up”.

Repped by Dan Cramer at Page Turner Lit where I'm avoiding Adulthood one book at a time.

And podcasting with cohost Josh Monken on You May Contribute A Verse where our powers combined form Captain Planet! Or, maybe just a really ok podcast about kidlit authors, illustrators and creators.